3 Days in Washington D.C.

Grab a golden opportunity to groom yourself further in the field of programming and debugging on different platforms, frameworks, and languages. The conference for three days would be presided by some of the most experienced developers/designers.

Get Connected!

This conference opportunity is not only for gathering of people and sharing of ideas but also for making new bonds and connections.

Professional & Experienced Developers as Speakers

Day 1

27th Nov

10:00Programming Opportunities
12:00International Obstacles and Opportunities
16:00Developers’ Concerns

Day 2

28th Nov

10:00Programming Strategies
12:00Debugging Challenges
16:00Dev and Deployment Tools

Day 3

29th Nov

10:00Comparative Analysis
12:00AMA Session
16:00AMA Session Part 2

Learning all alone is not impossible but it is certainly challenging, tedious, and time-consuming. Thus, it is efficient to learn in groups where each one’s ideas and experiences tend to influence positively for better outcomes or approaches. This is something that all programmers, designers, debuggers, and testers need. We simply fulfill it! Our portal provides this platform to collaborate, brainstorm, and gain new ideas by joining an upcoming or ongoing conference nearby!

The Global E-Conference Info Portal!


Conferencing is an opportunity to gain new insights and learn more things. Recognizing this fact, this portal is dedicated to all developers, designers, and debuggers who wish to learn by knowing what others do or have done. Thus, it brings all of them together from across the world on this one platform to learn, share, solve, and grow in their own career fields. The real motivator for this coming together of different and diverse teams is the updates that the portal reflects about each upcoming digital conference related to programming and debugging/testing. Now, no need to search and hunt – just check the home page!

Dr. Mark Smith

A conference on programming and debugging is like brainstorming with people having common interest to come up with the best processes and systems.

Jennifer Someone

Dr. David Hernavo

A conference facilitates people who cannot do better individually but together can come up outstanding ideas.

Alex Mercury Jr.

“Now, there is one famous quote by Scott. So, I have left it!”

F. Scott Fitzgerald


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