3 Days in Washington D.C.

Grab a golden opportunity to groom yourself further in the field of programming and debugging on different platforms, frameworks, and languages. The conference for three days would be presided by some of the most experienced developers/designers.

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This conference opportunity is not only for gathering of people and sharing of ideas but also for making new bonds and connections.

Professional & Experienced Developers as Speakers

Day 1

27th Nov

10:00Programming Opportunities
12:00International Obstacles and Opportunities
16:00Developers’ Concerns

Day 2

28th Nov

10:00Programming Strategies
12:00Debugging Challenges
16:00Dev and Deployment Tools

Day 3

29th Nov

10:00Comparative Analysis
12:00AMA Session
16:00AMA Session Part 2

Learning all alone is not impossible but it is certainly challenging, tedious, and time-consuming. Thus, it is efficient to learn in groups where each one’s ideas and experiences tend to influence positively for better outcomes or approaches. This is something that all programmers, designers, debuggers, and testers need. We simply fulfill it! Our portal provides this platform to collaborate, brainstorm, and gain new ideas by joining an upcoming or ongoing conference nearby!

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Conferencing is an opportunity to gain new insights and learn more things. Recognizing this fact, this portal is dedicated to all developers, designers, and debuggers who wish to learn by knowing what others do or have done. Thus, it brings all of them together from across the world on this one platform to learn, share, solve, and grow in their own career fields. The real motivator for this coming together of different and diverse teams is the updates that the portal reflects about each upcoming digital conference related to programming and debugging/testing. Now, no need to search and hunt – just check the home page!

Dr. Mark Smith

A conference on programming and debugging is like brainstorming with people having common interest to come up with the best processes and systems.

Jennifer Someone

Dr. David Hernavo

A conference facilitates people who cannot do better individually but together can come up outstanding ideas.

Alex Mercury Jr.

“Now, there is one famous quote by Scott. So, I have left it!”

F. Scott Fitzgerald


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    Application to Find Lost Phone

    Lost your phone and wondering how to find? You have sensitive details in it which can harm you?   Don’t worry any more the below guidelines will help you find your lost phone in minutes.

    Losing the phone that too smart phone is serious stress; this is because our phones contains bulk information which can be very sensitive so if it goes missing or theft it will be heart breaking. If you are using android device, then there are many tools that will help to you track location if your phone go missing or theft.

    The problem is that these applications will have one or other drawback like if phone battery go dead then you cant track it, It if connected to WiFi then only you can track it,  so pick some application which don’t have drawback as such. One of such website is geolocaliserunportable.fr visit this site for more information.

    This application helps to find your lost phone and has very affordable fees. You do not need to download any app from play store, you just need to visit the website and use phone number to track the target phone. This has special features like you can track lost phone even if its in long distance, even if the thief turn off the phone, even when the phone is not connected to WiFi so the only condition is that the application should be installed in your phone. Once the application is running in your phone you can trace your phone from anywhere and anytime.

    There is one more option called find my device, go to settings and then on turn on find my device option. For this you need to have google account synced to your phone so by this you can trace your phone. From this you can track, you will be able to lock your phone, you can retrieve the content of your phone and you can even delete the content of your phone from laptop or another android phone.

    If you are able to locate your phone with browser then login to google account and then you have to look for the option that log out from all logged in devices. This will make sure that thief don’t have access to your account. This application takes very less time to download and install as its very easy to install and use. This must be your prior choice to find your lost phone. Many mobiles will not be provided with find my phone option in that case its always better to download good service application that will help you track you phone without any issue.

    Bring Wealth & Good Fortune with Thai Amulets

    We have seen many hard-working guys fail in real life despite them working hard. Ever tried to understand the reason behind? Is there any secret which makes the difference between success and failure? The secret which is beyond human control? Welcome to the world of luck!!! People believed in luck from ancient times and one of the ancient traditions is Thai Amulets which helps to bring luck in all aspects based on what one is aspiring for.

    Thai Amulet is always considered lucky charms and natives wear it in the form of a necklace to remain protected from diseases and trouble. Most of the Thai Amulets have carvings of Buddha and natives believe that it keeps evil power and bad luck away from the wearer. The practice is common among Thai people of all generations and it is difficult to find one person not wearing one Amulet at least.

    People in Thailand are strong believers in Buddha, and they consider amulets more than their lucky charm; It is not only about happiness, but they believe that it will keep them away from bad times and any types of sorrows. In ancient times, Amulets were of ingredients like Phong, Herb, Din, Chin etc. However, they are not easily available nowadays. People prefer to have affordable amulets due to its mass popularity and you can see colored amulets made from plastic in the local market.

    In Thailand many believe the ghosts exist in real life and they claim to see them. Ghost movies or stories are very much popular in Thailand, they also come in varieties of fearful comics. The phenomenon is just not restricted for rural places but also, it’s relevant among literate and educated people. It is reasonably strong in the northern part of Thailand where it’s been taken seriously.

    You will see many people in Thailand where they use Garuda amulets available at https://thaiamulets888.com/lp-parn-wat-bang-nom-kho/garuda/ to save themselves against bad spirits and you will get to see Spirit Houses around their houses. Thailand people strongly believe that harmful ghosts exist, and they might pose danger to them in different ways. That’s the big reason why Thai people prefer to wear lucky amulets. Not only do they wear it for protection from evil spirits or ghosts but also, they wear it to protect themselves from bad people. As an example, amulets will be worn by soldiers to increase the luck of their living in the battlefield.

    Thai Amulets are not popular only among its natives; its popularity can be seen across the world. You can see them selling in shopping malls, craft stores, artisan fairs, and even at regular homes. However, you should note that these amulets don’t get manufactured in factories; if they are manmade, they are nothing more than a showpiece.

    The original Amulets are done by monks in temples and they are prayed for several years by the creator (monks) of that amulet. The power of these amulets depends on its creator and the period for which these amulets got energized by the monk. Monk uses their lifelong experience by mixing handwritten sacred books as ingredients to develop them.

    These amulets can be bought by making a donation to the temples and a gold amulets cost starts from approx 10000 baht. Even in modern times, people are superstitious and they are more so in Bangkok. As per recent report, people invest more than 25 million baht to purchase Amulets for themselves.

    Among its neighbouring countries, they are more popular in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand. The most common form to adore Thai Amulets are in the form of a ring or necklace but they are not limited to this. Like any other religious symbols, they are also frequently used in Car dashboards or rear mirrors.

    Next time, when you need to keep bad luck or spirits away from your surroundings, head over to temple to buy Thai Amulets and realize its magical effects.

    Top Things to Do in Malaysia Holiday

    Malaysia is a friendly nation, culturally rich, modern and romantic, it retains ecological beauty beach. country with a mix of some countries as Malay, Indian, Chinese, Arabic, European, peranakan and other culture of Malaysian. beside landscapes is the temples, mosques and churches. You can eat and drink your way while Malaysia holiday, traveler could move by bicycles, tricycles, motorcycles or taxi…

    Most importantly Malaysia attractions as visit the tallest twin towers in the world, visit the pristine waters in the east coast at Pulau Redang, to visit one of the cool hill at the Cameron highlands.

    Melaka Historic City

    Malacca was one of Malaysia tourism destinations and one of the greatest trading ports in Asia listed at https://my.acebet99.com/my-home/. the trading port is changed from a thriving port into backwater city.

    However, in recent years, Malacca has been revived and become getaway for many travel attractions Malaysia. with the well-known cuisine as Nyonya. Malacca is a popular destination for tourists who want to admire of Malaysia’s unique heritage.

    Georgetown Historic City

    Penang is destination the most interested of traveler at Malaysia, Penang is island modernity while retaining traditions, moreover George Town has been recognized as a UNESCO world cultural heritage. Although George Town is dominated by Chinese store.

    Sky Bridge

    The Oriental Village in location northwest of Langkawi island, visit place here, visitor can visiting Mount Mat Cincang, this is  the Mount  with second highest peak in Langkawi, entering the village there are many souvenir shops, after that visited Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls with air pleasant cool.

    Penang Hill

    Penang Hill, or Flagstaff Hill  as it is officially known,  821 meters above sea level, One of the most popular attractions in Penang, a trip up Penang Hill is something is not to be missed when visit island; breathtaking panoramic views of the whole island awaits you at the top, the eyes can see.

    Kinabalu National Park

    The Kinabalu National Park, located in northwest Sabah, is the first UNESCO world heritage of Malaysia. it has one of the world largest collections with flora and fauna abundance. the Borneo peark is an adventure challenge for intrepid climbers.

    Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

    Spanning an area over 80 acres, Malaysia’s premier theme park in Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, has thrills and spills to offer people of all ages…..

    History of Kuala Lumpur City

    In the late 1800 Kuala Lumpur was just a landing places where boats coming up the Klang River could bring supplies for and take away tin from the newly opened Ampang mines. Since 1857 Chinese had been coming into Kuala Lumpur and by that time many Malays, mostly from Sumatra had settles in a kampong at the place now known as Jalan Silang. Another kampong, kampong Rawa, was located between Jalan Tun Perak and Jalan Gereja. Their cemetery was located on the present’s site of Masjid Jamek, this junction of the Klang and Gombak Rivers – this location originally known as Lumpur (mud) later becoming Kuala Lumpur (muddy estuary).

    The small township that had developed from the success of tin mining was badly damages during the Selangor Civil War and was at one time nearly abandoned altogether. The dispute in 1866 between the Sumatran Malays and the Bugis resulted in this civil war between Raja Mahadi and Raja Abdullah, their respective leader. (Raja Mahadi was the rightful ruler of Klang but was dislodged by the sultan in favor of Raja Abdullah, a son of a Raja from Riau. The Chinese, under their Capitan Liu Ngim Kong, sided with the Sultan and Raja Abdullah in this dispute.

    Malaysia historyKuala Lumpur Tours – make the most of your trip

    While Kuala Lumpur is a great city that can be explored on your own, some of its attractions are better discovered through guided tours. Joining organized tours or hiring your own personal tour guide can save you valuable time during your visit as he/she will know the best and quickest way to get to your destination. A personal tour guide will also be able share his or her local knowledge about the attractions you’re visiting as well as Kuala Lumpur itself. Regardless of how much time you have, or how little, hiring a private tour guide while in Kuala Lumpur will give you an insider’s perspective on this amazing city, its people and its culture. The best way to hire a guide would be through https://my.bet888win.net/earning-money-from-online-sportsbook-on-maxbet-malaysia/

    With many types of tours available, try to choose a tour based not only on the time you have but also your own interests and comfort level. Some tours are more strenuous and can involve a lot of walking, while others are more relaxing. Most tour guides are helpful and will accommodate your needs, but if you have small children or older family members to take care of, it’s a good idea to check if the tours you’re interested in will be suitable for them.

    If you only have several hours to spend in Kuala Lumpur, you might want to consider going on a half day tour. A half day tour will only last 4-5 hours but is extremely flexible as you get to choose from a list of the city’s diverse attractions. And if you’ve discovered a place where you’d like to spend more time at, your private tour guide would also be able to accommodate this easily.

    Honeymoon in Malaysia

    Malaysia is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world and is visited by a large number of tourists and honeymoon couples from all over the world. Honeymoon in Malaysia is quite popular and most honeymoon couples flock to this beautiful destination all throughout the year.

    The scenic and beautiful beaches combined with lush and verdant greenery surely entices and impresses even the most discerning travelers. Malaysia has so much to offer to the honeymoon couples and the romantic beach resorts do create the perfect ambience and atmosphere to enjoy a beautiful and an unforgettable honeymoon.

    Honeymooners often look for privacy and seclusion and the innumerable islands of Malaysia truly offer that privacy where you can literally loose yourself amid the scenic beaches and verdant woodlands. Whether it is the tropical rainforests of Borneo or escape to the blissful beaches of Penang or Langkawi.

    Weddings can be quite stressful too at times with constantly attending to various rituals and ceremonies and one of the best ways to unwind after a wedding is by indulging in a truly luxuriating honeymoon. One of the finest ways of making the most of one’s honeymoon is by booking a complete spa package at one of the beach resorts where the couple can pamper themselves with all kinds of exotic treatments.

    Honeymoon couples inclined towards adventure sports and activities have plenty to look forward to. There are the tropical rain forests of Borneo where one can trek and explore the wilderness, enjoy a cool splash under a waterfall or indulge in the famous water sport of white water rafting. Besides, which a host of different and exciting water sport activities can be enjoyed such as water skiing, jet skiing, parasailing, sailing and scuba diving. When getting leisure time, you also have an option to try your luck playing winners888. While those who are keen to explore Malaysia’s tropical rainforests can enjoy the experience of trekking into the unknown and discovering the flora and fauna of this exotic land.

    The beautiful and gorgeous islands of Malaysia are perfect for any honeymoon couple looking to enjoy a quiet and a romantic retreat. Those couples looking for a retreat that is not frequently visited can choose Kapalai Island and Kapas Island. These two islands offer a secluded retreat and all one has for company is miles of gorgeous blue waters. The sunny shores tempt you to relax and rejuvenate amid scenic surroundings that offer a blissful retreat. These two islands are truly exotic and apt for couples planning for a honeymoon in Malaysia.

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