Bring Wealth & Good Fortune with Thai Amulets

We have seen many hard-working guys fail in real life despite them working hard. Ever tried to understand the reason behind? Is there any secret which makes the difference between success and failure? The secret which is beyond human control? Welcome to the world of luck!!! People believed in luck from ancient times and one of the ancient traditions is Thai Amulets which helps to bring luck in all aspects based on what one is aspiring for.

Thai Amulet is always considered lucky charms and natives wear it in the form of a necklace to remain protected from diseases and trouble. Most of the Thai Amulets have carvings of Buddha and natives believe that it keeps evil power and bad luck away from the wearer. The practice is common among Thai people of all generations and it is difficult to find one person not wearing one Amulet at least.

People in Thailand are strong believers in Buddha, and they consider amulets more than their lucky charm; It is not only about happiness, but they believe that it will keep them away from bad times and any types of sorrows. In ancient times, Amulets were of ingredients like Phong, Herb, Din, Chin etc. However, they are not easily available nowadays. People prefer to have affordable amulets due to its mass popularity and you can see colored amulets made from plastic in the local market.

In Thailand many believe the ghosts exist in real life and they claim to see them. Ghost movies or stories are very much popular in Thailand, they also come in varieties of fearful comics. The phenomenon is just not restricted for rural places but also, it’s relevant among literate and educated people. It is reasonably strong in the northern part of Thailand where it’s been taken seriously.

You will see many people in Thailand where they use Garuda amulets available at to save themselves against bad spirits and you will get to see Spirit Houses around their houses. Thailand people strongly believe that harmful ghosts exist, and they might pose danger to them in different ways. That’s the big reason why Thai people prefer to wear lucky amulets. Not only do they wear it for protection from evil spirits or ghosts but also, they wear it to protect themselves from bad people. As an example, amulets will be worn by soldiers to increase the luck of their living in the battlefield.

Thai Amulets are not popular only among its natives; its popularity can be seen across the world. You can see them selling in shopping malls, craft stores, artisan fairs, and even at regular homes. However, you should note that these amulets don’t get manufactured in factories; if they are manmade, they are nothing more than a showpiece.

The original Amulets are done by monks in temples and they are prayed for several years by the creator (monks) of that amulet. The power of these amulets depends on its creator and the period for which these amulets got energized by the monk. Monk uses their lifelong experience by mixing handwritten sacred books as ingredients to develop them.

These amulets can be bought by making a donation to the temples and a gold amulets cost starts from approx 10000 baht. Even in modern times, people are superstitious and they are more so in Bangkok. As per recent report, people invest more than 25 million baht to purchase Amulets for themselves.

Among its neighbouring countries, they are more popular in Southeast Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand. The most common form to adore Thai Amulets are in the form of a ring or necklace but they are not limited to this. Like any other religious symbols, they are also frequently used in Car dashboards or rear mirrors.

Next time, when you need to keep bad luck or spirits away from your surroundings, head over to temple to buy Thai Amulets and realize its magical effects.

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