I am an intern at present. Can I attend the upcoming conference or hackathon?

Yes! You can attend the upcoming conference or hackathon. However, just ensure that it is relevant to what you want to progress in!

Are most conferences only for developers?

Not always! While the presence of developers is essential, any keen IT learner is welcome. Even marketers, testers, CEOs, and executives are welcome.

Am I supposed to bring something with me?

Yes! You should bring what you think is required as well as is comfortable to carry. We recommend bringing a laptop or iPad to take running notes.

Are there any free conferences?

Usually, posted conferences are not free unless sponsored well. However, we are keeping an eye on such events as well. So, do keep an eye on our Home page.

Other Questions

Is it compulsory to attend the full conference?

No, it is not! You are free to go anytime in between the event. However, we encourage you to be a part of this learning atmosphere.

How many people will be there to attend?

There is no limit to the number of participants or attendees. Most conferences will split the expected quorum into a team of five people.

What about food?

Most conferences arrange for food and drinks. However, for a few, you may have to go outside.

Will Wi-Fi be there?

Yes! All network setup and Internet connection would be there for any hackathon or conference.

Do you have a query?

You can get an instant answer by going through the questions below. In case it is not there below, do contact us and get an instant reply.

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