Day 1

Dr. Mark Smith

Dr. Mark Smith is the technical architect as well as the co-founder at DivSight, a well-established IT company that is now 10 years old and has 600+ employees, He continues to influence his entrepreneurial personality by propelling creative projects and ventures. In this company, he is the pioneer of leveraging the beneficial power of some major elementary shifts in the manner in which the Web and mobile devices are used. This is evident in the form of creative and highly functional applications that is driving the company’s progress into the robust digital ticketing system. When not into coding, Mark mentors his team and looks for new ventures in European, African, and Asian markets.


Day 2

Jennifer Gomes

Jennifer is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at ProgramWorks with more than a decade experience in application development for a diverse array of industries and systems. Her core experience encompasses large-scale distributed packages useable across different access platforms, ranging right from desktops to smartphones. She has a deep zeal for modern IT technology and strongly recommends being a diversely experienced programmer by learning different languages and platforms. Apart from a developer, she also has five years of experience in database administration and testing. In this way, she is an all-in-one master in the IT field.

Alex Haase

Formerly a lead of database team at Google for seven years, Alex is now the lead of Android team at PluralSight, Mexico. He and his team are responsible for the content, UI, multimedia, and structure of different apps that can be used further by any Android developer for making Android apps for end users.

Dr. Cal Hernavo

Cal Hernavo is the President and CTO of Magnus. He manages the executive team to plan and implement the daily strategy of marketing IT products whose users can be developers, testers, and end users. He is also responsible for facilitating the progress of company as per the prescribed mission of serving developers across the globe.